Zoology Lesson - 10

Title           : TRB Study Material

Exam         : TRB Exam

Category  : Zoology  Lesson - 10 (Study Material)

Language : English

Content    : Macro evolution: Geological records – Fessils and fessilization – evolutionary trends – Parallel evolution – Progressive and retrogressive trends – Rates of evolution.

                      Course of evolution: Chemical evolution – evolution of prokaryotic cells. Speculative origin of Eukaryotic cells – Origin of Metazea. Primate and Human Evolution – Human racial diversity – Theories of human racial origins – Future evolution of man.

                      MAN AND BIOSPHERE - Man’s role in conservation of natural resources. Biosphere. Human activities that modify the biosphere. Human resource management. Tribals and biosphere. Future of man and biosphere.

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