Botany Lesson - 4

Title           : TRB Study Material

Exam         : TRB Exam

Category  : Botany  Lesson - 4 (Study Material)

Language : English

Content    : i) Morphology: The plant body, the root system, the stem the leaf, the inflorescence, the flower, pollination and fertilization, the fruit and the seed, dispersal of fruits and seeds, vegetative reproduction and Germination.

                      ii) Taxonomy: History and classification-Artificial system-Linnaeus, Natural system-Jessieu De candolle, Bentham and Hooker, Phylogenetic system-Engler and PrantD. Bessey Hutchinson Recent Trends in systematics-Cyto-taxonomy, Chemotaxonomy, numerical taxonomy. International code of Botanical nomenclature, Herbarium techniques, A critical study of the following families: Ranunculiaceae Magnoliaceae, Polygalacea, Caryophyllaceae, Rubiaceae, Meliaceae, Lythraceae, Cactaceae, Rhizophoraceae, Oleaceae, Aristalochaceae, Casuarinaceae, Dioscoriaceae, Bignoniaceae, Solanaceae, Lauraceae, Loranthaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Arecaceae, Typhaceae and Poaceae.

                     iii) Economic Botany: Food crops, Cereals, millets, legumes nuts and tropical fruits, sugar yielding crops – spices –Beverage plants – Timbers and pulp yielding plants – Minor forest products – Resins, gums, tannin and rubber yielding plants – oil yielding plants – medicinal plants – fibre yielding plants.

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